RayGun Technology™ is the developer of a proprietary, Atomic-Forging™ process that literally bombards metal components with exotic metal ions to create unprecedented levels of hardness, wear-resistance and corrosion resistance.

Using this proprietary process, we can manufacture brake rotors – and, in the future, many other vital metal components – that will perform better and last far longer than any other product on the market.

RayGun Technology’s innovations don’t stop with performance. Not only are our brake rotors stronger and more durable, we can use Atomic-Forging to permanently color-coordinate your brake rotors to suit your unique personality – so that you, and your machine, look spectacular every mile of the way.

RayGun Technology is revolutionizing how essential metal components look, wear and perform. Why would trust your machine to anything less?

Bonded for life.

The new surface material is inextricably bonded with the metal component, allowing us to increase surface hardness, frictional performance, resistance to wear and corrosion, and even lubricity, depending on the requirements of the particular application. The result is not a coating, or a plated or anodized surface, which are subject to wear, corrosion and deterioration. RayGun Technology’s Atomic-Forging process creates an all-new virtually indestructible nano-surface compound.

Not just better looking. Better period.

By varying the recipe of exotic metals and the parameters of our Atomic-Forging process, we can precisely control the color and finish pattern of appearance-critical metal components like motorcycle brake rotors – components that will look spectacular for the life of the motorcycle.

Lighter. Faster. Better.

RayGun Technology also allows many metal element – such as brake rotors and other metal components – to be built lighter. Many crucial components in high-stress applications are built with excess metal, to account for inevitable wear. With the tougher, virtually indestructible surfaces possible with our Atomic-Forging process, mass can be reduced without compromising reliability or performance while at the same time increasing or improving longevity.