RayGun Products

By carefully engineering the combination of metals and reactive gases used in the Atomic-Forging™ process, we can manufacture brake rotors with enhanced frictional properties and extreme wear resistance in a variety of unique colors and finishes. And because the tough, corrosion-resistant Atomic-Forged surface is not a coating, plating or anodized finish, the distinctive color and like-new appearance will literally last longer than the rest of your motorcycle.

RayGun Rotors for Streetbikes.

With the incredible popularity of Harley-Davidson motorcycles’ over the past 20-years, RayGun Technology is proud to offer a full selection of custom front and rear brake rotors and pads for nearly all modern Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Our unique color choices are perfect for adding a custom look to any machine.

While the initial RayGun product line is designed to fit a wide cross-section of Harley-Davidson models. Additional products for a number of other machines from different manufacturers are in development and will be available next year. Raygun rotors are currently developing product for a variety of motorcycles from metric cruisers to sportbikes. Our ultra-durable rotors set new standards for great looks and long-lasting performance for all kinds of motorcycles.

“Gold” that stays Gold. “Chrome” that stays Chrome.

RayGun rotors are offered in three eye-catching colors, glowing RG-Gold, RG-Light Gold, RG-Chrome and RG-Black and two surface finishes; highly polished or satin hubs, and satin friction rings.

Guaranteed for the Life of your Motorcycle.

Unlike other brake rotor surface finishes or coloring methods. RayGun rotors will retain their original precisely-machined finish for hundreds of thousands of miles, delivering enhanced brake performance, corrosion resistance and unmatched wear characteristics.

Show-Stopping Looks, Performance, and Durability.

Until now, brake rotors have been the only piece of metal on the typical motorcycle that hasn’t lent itself to successful plating or polishing. If you’ve ever owned a chrome-plated or polished brake rotor, you know that within a very short time the rotor is scuffed,scratched and looking beat up, and chromed or polished rotors are look even worse. RayGun rotors allow you to custom tailor your motorcycle to make it truly distinctive, with permanently, un-scuffable, unscratchable brake rotors.