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RayGun rotors are the first product that allows custom rotors to truly look custom forever. “Chrome” stays chrome–guaranteed for the life of your motorcycle. RayGun’s Atomic-Forged process literally bombards metal components with exotic metal ions to create unprecedented levels of hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Using this proprietary process, we can manufacture brake rotors—and, in the future, many other vital metal components—that will perform better, look better and last far longer than any other product on the market. The new surface material is inextricably bonded with the metal component, allowing us to increase surface hardness frictional performance along with resistance to wear and corrosion. The result is not a coating, or a plated or anodized surface, which are subject to wear, corrosion and deterioration. RayGun Technology’s Atomic-Forging process creates an all-new, virtually indestructible nano-surface compound. RayGun Technology’s innovations don’t stop with performance. Not only are our brake rotors more durable, we can use Atomic-Forging to permanently color-coordinate brake rotors to suit a rider’s unique personality. RayGun rotors are available in a selection of hub and friction ring designs in three distinct finishes: satin chrome, satin light gold,and satin gold. Rotors are available now to fit a wide variety of late model Harley-Davidsons. MSRP: $359.00 each Company Information RayGun Technology is a team of surface-engineering scientists, manufacturing & development engineers and motorsports experts that came together to create RayGun rotors. Highly successful and widely accomplished in their fields, they dedicated themselves to the design, development and testing needed to successfully bring these unique products to market. Contact information: RayGun Technology 1281 Activity Drive Vista, CA 92081 866-950-3077