Our Mission

The world runs on metal components – components that are subject to constant wear, deteriorate in performance and appearance, and ultimately fail. The cost to replace these components, in every machine, vehicle, airplane and ship operating today, is truly astronomical.

RayGun Technology™ is dedicated to fixing that.

By using our proprietary Atomic-Forging™ process, Ray Gun Technology can precisely engineer the surface of almost any metal component to last longer, run harder and perform better.

In the Company’s initial product line, RayGun Technology has developed revolutionary brake rotors and pads exclusively for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Our brake rotors are superior in appearance, surface treatment, color selection, longevity and braking performance to anything else available.

In the future, RayGun Technology is poised to expand its product line into sport bikes, metric cruisers, automobiles, and truck brake rotors, as well as countless other high-wear, high-stress applications in the motor vehicle industry.

Wear is the problem. RayGun Technology is the solution.