How do I know they will fit my bike?

We have researched the fitment on all Harley-Davidson models using disc brakes going back to 1983. If your bike is listed in our fitment matrix, we guarantee it will work. If you have any questions about applications or fitment, drop us an email or call Customer Service at 866.950.3077.

I dont have a Harley. Are you going to make rotors to fit my bike?

We currently only make rotors and pads for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, however we have received a lot of requests from owners of other brands. Feel free to contact us with your specific request and check the website often to see if we’ve developed products for your motorcycle.

Why do you have two designs?

Everyone likes choices. Both our Single Piece and Full-Floating rotor designs offer exclusive Ray Gun Technology, look great and outperform stock equipment. If your bike has both wheels exposed, Ray Gun Rotors make a real statement about your commitment to style AND performance. Some people opt for the less expensive single piece on rear touring applications because it’s hidden by the saddlebags. Our offerings allow you the freedom to choose, and that’s what it’s all about.

Will the rotors maintain their original finish/color?

Yes. Properly maintained and used with Ray Gun brake pads, the surface is warranted for the life of the bike on which the rotors were originally installed.

Why doesn’t the treatment wear off?

The treatment has been scientifically engineered to withstand the mechanical forces developed between the rotor and brake pad introduced during the braking process.

Won’t a smooth, hard surface make the rotor more slippery?

No. The basic principles of disc braking use hydraulic pressure supplied by the caliper to press the special formula Ray Gun Brake Pads against the treated Ray Gun rotor. It is not necessary to destroy your pads and rotors to achieve effective braking. RayGun has engineered the rotor’s working surface in combination with its Atomic-Forged treatment to outperform OEM rotors when used with RayGun brake pads.

Do they improve braking performance?

They sure do. Most riders immediately experience improved, consistent braking feel and performance. Another Ray Gun braking system advantage is the virtual elimination of brake dust.

What kind of testing have you done?

Extensive laboratory testing has been completed at the largest brake-testing facility in the world. In addition, RayGun continues ongoing independent road and dyno testing on our Atomic-Forged technology.

How long will these rotors last?

Indefinitely. We are so confident in our rotors that we offer a lifetime warranty as long as you own your motorcycle and use RayGun brake pads. See the warranty page for details.

Do I have to install new brake pads with these rotors?

The Ray Gun Lifetime Warranty requires the use of our brake pads. Besides,it is always recommended that new pads be installed when installing new rotors. We highly recommend that you install Ray Gun brake pads in order to achieve optimum performance and longevity as well as to activate and maintain your Lifetime Warranty.

Why do the pads have to be new?

Old pads almost always exhibit uneven wear, which reduces the level of contact between the pad and the rotor reducing braking performance. Besides, we don’t know what’s in them. Ray Gun pads are specially formulated to work with Ray Gun Rotors. They give the surface of the rotor another layer of protection.

Is there a certain kind of pad material that needs to be used?

We recommend Ray Gun pads for optimum performance. Our research has indicated that there is a great deal of difference in the composition from one brand of brake pads to another. We have designed Ray Gun brake pads to work in conjunction with our rotors and we know the exact material composition.

Are the RayGun brake pads special?

We went right to the source to have Ray Gun pads developed. We worked with one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-performance brake pads and other friction materials. Working side-by-side with their engineering and testing groups allowed a custom-tailored brake pad especially designed for our unique rotors.

Can I just put your rotors on the front of my bike and not the rear?

Sure, but we don’t recommend it. We suggest that you replace all your rotors and brake pads with Ray Gun products for the most satisfactory and consistent results.

What is the warranty on your rotors?

All RayGun Technology motorcycle brake rotors (the “Rotors”), by Tech M3,Inc., a California corporation (the “Company”), when purchased together with, and installed and used concurrently with RayGun Technology motorcycle brake pads, are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for as long as the end user/consumer of the Rotor and Brake Pads (“Purchaser”) owns the motorcycle on which the Rotor and Brake Pads are first installed, subject to the limitations herein contained. IN THE EVENT THE PURCHASER ELECTS NOT TO USE RAYGUN BRAND BRAKE PADS, THE WARRANTY IS NULL AND VOID.